Innovation expertise at Spinverse’s Digital Industries: The cornerstone of ideation in building EU-funded consortia

In the dynamic world of European research and innovation, establishing consortia has emerged as a strategic imperative. These alliances unite corporates, research institutions, SMEs, and startups. Their shared mission? To metamorphose groundbreaking research into actionable commercial realities. However, the ideation process in building these consortia can be intricate. This is where the deep reservoir of industry and innovation expertise from Spinverse’s Digital Industries business unit becomes indispensable, especially in broadening what we term as "possibility spaces".

The power of "possibility spaces"

The essence of "possibility spaces" lies in the expansive, often uncharted domain of creative potential within any given sector or initiative. It encompasses the plethora of ideas, solutions, and innovations waiting to be discovered. Spinverse’s industry and innovation expertise, with our profound understanding of market dynamics and technological advancements, can navigate these spaces, bringing to light pioneering ideas that might otherwise remain obscured. From Health Tech to ICT & Electronics, and AI to Smart Cities & Mobility and Defense industries, our expertise is at the forefront of building essential EU consortia.

This translates to figuring out potential synergies between corporates, SMEs, startups, and research institutions. It can highlight novel research trajectories, spotlight untapped commercialisation avenues, or even propose potential consortium members based on their unique expertise and aspirations.

Spinverse: The symbiosis of funding expertise and insights on industry & technology

The creative latitude offered by industry and innovation expertise is vast, but its true potential is unlocked when harmonised with human acumen, combined with AI. Securing EU funding is a nuanced endeavor, demanding a comprehensive grasp of regulations, eligibility, and alignment with European visions. This funding knowledge, when integrated with industry insights and scientific prowess, becomes an unstoppable force.

The expertise of Spinverse’s Digital Industries unit can refine this process by identifying trends, forecasting future industry challenges, and suggesting research domains that resonate with both market demand and EU directives. It ensures consortia are not just addressing present needs but are also primed for future challenges, and beyond the state-of-the-art.

Europe's drive: From accelerated research to commercial realities

Patrick Halford, Vice President, Digital Industries, concludes: “Europe's aspiration to be at the forefront of global innovation is anchored in its capability to transition research into commercial triumphs, rapidly and effectively.” The continent boasts a diverse array of research entities, nimble startups, and globally renowned corporates. The ongoing task is to synchronise their collective capabilities and visions. Spinverse’s Digital Industries expertise can be the lever here, ensuring that the consortia are robust, synergised, and set for success.

As Europe amplifies its drive to convert research into commercial realities, the significance of industry and innovation expertise cannot be overstated. By magnifying "possibility spaces", fostering a harmonious relationship between funding expertise and industry insights, and streamlining the ideation phase, Spinverse’s expertise is pivotal in Europe's ambitious path.