Horizon Europe: growth opportunities for thousands of innovative projects – are you ready for your next step?

Horizon Europe will be launched in January 2021 and extends until 2027. It is the European Commission's proposal for an ambitious programme worth close to 100 B€ to boost European research and innovation. Over the coming months, we can expect more detailed information on this programme and its strategic planning process, work programmes, funding calls and other relevant activities. If your company is interested in seizing the moment for future growth, now is the time to act! Spinverse has developed a new service to help you — find out how!

The strategic planning process for the Horizon Europe is well under way and the results of the process will be set out in a multiannual Strategic Plan to prepare the content in the work programmes and calls for the first four years of Horizon Europe. The planning process will focus on global challenges and European competitiveness (Pillar 2) and also covers the research area (Pillar 1) as well as other relevant activities (Pillar 3). For the specific topics, see the preliminary structure with proposed budgets of Horizon Europe below:

Horizon Europe preliminary structure

Now is the time to plan which of your projects could get public funding!

With Horizon Europe, there is more budget for research and innovation than ever before, but the competition is also harder than ever. To help our customers, we have created a service to get the most out of the Horizon Europe funding package. Our Horizon Europe - What’s in it for me? funding service will offer you the following:

  • Monthly information package with a 1-hour session on the progress of Horizon Europe
  • Support in identifying the right innovation projects eligible for public funding in your company
  • Support in identifying the right funding instrument for your project

Horizon_Europe_quote-1Our service will help you to be among the first to know about the progress of Horizon Europe so that you can initiate your project at an early stage for the best advantage in your preparations for  a winning funding proposal.

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