Great exposure to FlexiGrid and Spinverse at EEEAM conference in Hanoi

Our Principal Consultant Magnus Andersson from Spinverse Sweden had the honour to represent the European Horizon 2020 FlexiGrid project at the international scientific conference IEEE EEEAM (Asia Meeting on Environment and Electrical Engineering) in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November. He was invited to deliver a keynote presentation on the learnings of FlexiGrid. In his keynote, Magnus discussed about integrating an impact framework into R&D projects to enhance market and the societal impact from R&D efforts.

Magnus Andersson could not be a more suitable person to talk about the learnings of the FlexiGrid project, as he has been involved in the 4-year project funded by H2020 from its very start, supporting the project’s design, building and operational execution. When Magnus from Spinverse and Professor Anh-Tuan Le from Chalmers University were invited to contribute to the Plenary Session under title “Industries & Education & International collaboration activities”, both seized this opportunity.

Magnus, who is accustomed to quickly biking to the Spinverse office in Gothenburg, may have found his pulse quickening due to the traffic jams in Hanoi on the day of his keynote. Nevertheless, as was to be expected, his presentation on November 15th was warmly welcomed by the hundreds of attendees at the four-day event.

Hanoi traffic MagnusMagnus says: “The crucial aspect of our participation to the conference was the opportunity to share our insights and experiences gathered from the FlexiGrid project. They are drawn from decades of strategic and empirical work aimed at maximising the societal and market impact of R&D projects, spanning from project design to operational execution. We emphasised on integrating an impact framework into R&D projects, along with considerations regarding team composition and development.”

Magnus explains that an efficient utilisation of R&D resources with the goal to support energy transition, holds paramount importance in meeting international sustainability targets. Unfortunately, many R&D outcomes, which could significantly contribute to sustainable transitions, often fail to realise their full potential or reach the market.

Presentation Magnus-1Magnus’ keynote aimed to address the following questions:

  • Why are R&D investments not fully realised?
  • What are the major challenges?
  • What could be done to overcome this critical matter?


FlexiGrid, and also Spinverse, got a lot of positive exposure during the EEEAM conference. Technical work was presented, and Tuan Le and Magnus Andersson were also sharing some technical and regulatory sessions.

Magnus sums up: “All in all, the conference was a great experience. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the EEEAM organisation, which had spent for more than a year in making this conference. The hospitality was far beyond what one could ever expect.”

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