Clean Hydrogen Partnership calls are now published with 300 M€ for hydrogen technology projects

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership has just launched its calls for project proposals that aim to develop cutting edge hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. As one of the founding members in Hydrogen Cluster Finland and an expert on public funding, Spinverse can help your company to prepare the best possible funding application for your Clean Hydrogen project.

Here are the important dates and numbers for the Clean Hydrogen Partnership calls: 

  Budget Publication Deadline
First call 179.50 M€ 1 Mar 2022 31 May 2022
Second call 121 M€ 1 Mar 2022 20 Sep 2022
Total indicative budget 300.5 M€    

Tight schedule and requirements to prepare the Clean Hydrogen funding applications

Director Timo Ropponen leads the Energy and Manufacturing team at Spinverse. Timo and his team support and facilitate a wide variety of customer projects in the sector, including those related to clean hydrogen. Timo reminds: “As we anticipated, the schedules are quite tight for the submittance of the funding applications, so the work for the project proposals should be well underway for these very competitive funding calls. Crystallising the project strategy, scope and resources, and identifying the partners takes time."

Focus on research and demonstration projects

Project Manager Sonja Auvinen has been following the development of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership programme with a keen eye. According to Sonja, the first Clean Hydrogen calls are directed to research projects in five main sectors, namely: Hydrogen production, Hydrogen storage and distribution, Transport applications, Clean heat and power and Cross-cutting themes. In addition, funding will be released for flagship Hydrogen Valley projects, where a cluster of operators in the hydrogen economy form a tight network also geographically.

Sonja says: “In the future, not only basic R&D projects are supported, but funding will also be allocated to large demonstrations and flagships of industrial applications with budgets in the range of 10-20 M€. This will broaden the opportunities for companies to implement hydrogen technologies.”

Spinverse memberships in Hydrogen Cluster Finland and European Clean Hydrogen Alliance give an excellent insight into the hydrogen sector

Hydrogen Cluster Finland is a national company-led hydrogen cluster established in Finland to accelerate hydrogen economy and exports of hydrogen-related solutions with more than 50 members. As one of the founding members, Spinverse helps in developing the Finnish hydrogen economy, and can provide services to the cluster in building project consortia, raising funding and coordinating projects. The front seat in the cluster gives Spinverse an excellent overview of the hydrogen sector that extends beyond Finnish borders. Spinverse is also an active member in European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an EU-level collaboration organization.

Is your company seeking growth in Clean Hydrogen projects through public funding? Do not hesitate to contact Spinverse experts on how we can help you in preparing a successful funding application and identifying the right partners for your Clean Energy project!


Timo Ropponen
Director and Team Leader for Manufacturing and Energy, D.SC. (Tech.)

+358 50 588 0440

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