Cheers to latest promotions and warm welcome to new colleagues!

Last year was one of the busiest and most successful years to date for Spinverse. We welcomed many new colleagues, new customers and worked on exciting new projects. We are proud of our skilled colleagues who have worked so hard to help our customers and are delighted to share the latest news about promotions. What is more, warm welcome to our new colleagues in the Spinverse family.

Maria Rinkkala has been working at Spinverse since 2015 and was promoted as Senior Project Manager, working in the Energy & Manufacturing team led by Timo Ropponen. Timo characterizes Maria as follows: “Maria has been a trustworthy and bright contributor to our team with great customer engagement skills. She is the Queen of Continuous Improvement and always willing to share her tricks and best practices with the colleagues.”

Susanna Kiijärvi joined us back in 2019 and has now been promoted as Senior Project Manager in the Growth Companies team led by Maria Papina. Susanna has been driving our EIC Accelerator delivery process, with a keen eye on the the developments in the European Commission. “Quality” is her middle name. ​

Then comes Antero Vesterinen who works in the Growth Companies team as well. He can now call himself Project Manager. What we have found out about him is that he is reliable and always there for his team. During the three years with Spinverse, Antero has bagged and tagged over 50 projects, making customers grade him a “solid 9”.​

Mikael Sundholm started at Spinverse pretty much a year ago in January 2020 and he has now been promoted as Senior Project Manager in the ICT and electronics team which is led by Eira Seppälä. Within just twelve months, Mikael has taken on some of our most complex consortiums such as the coordination activities for the CHARM project. Mikael’s industrial capabilities from technologies and project management capabilities have taken us to a new level, which has attracted tens of new partners into the Spinverse from across Europe. We have often witnessed Mikael’s calm nature under pressure against tight deadlines which is matched by his great sense of humour.​

Johanna Pasanen joined us less than a year ago and has now been promoted as Consultant. She works in the Health team led by Heli Teerenhovi. Johanna has brought her dynamic energy and creativity into Spinverse with a bang. She has been a key contributor in various Healthcare and ICT consortiums. Her excellent teamwork and passion to get things was reflected in many successful projects at Spinverse last year.

Welcome to our new colleagues Saija and Malin

The new year has seen us welcome two new experts at Spinverse. Saija Juslén joins Spinverse as a Consultant in the Defence and Security team, which is led by Anu Ilmonen. Before joining Spinverse, she gained experience in the defence & security sector and international organisations. She has also been engaged in research project coordination & development and communications. While learning the ropes at Spinverse, Saija is also completing her Master studies at Tampere University in Security Governance.

Malin Tverin joined the Health team as Project Manager in early February. Joining the ranks of other PhD colleagues at Spinverse (quite many!), Malin holds a PhD in physiology and neuroscience from University of Helsinki. She holds over 10 years of experience in research, lecturing and supervising. Malin brings with her a positive mindset and extensive knowledge on Life Science.

Congratulations to all promotions and warm welcome to our new colleagues!