Celebrating success: promotions and a new face in the Sustainable Industries team

When our customers succeed, we succeed. So do our employees. The new promotions in the Sustainable Industries business unit are a result of relentless work in supporting our customers’ projects, big and small. Warm congratulations to our colleagues! This month, we also welcomed a new colleague in the Spinverse team!

Kaisu Leppänen has been with Spinverse for 8 years, most recently as team leader in Bioeconomy, and is promoted as Director. Kaisu has wide experience from scoping, building and managing different types of R&D&I activities, ranging from single-company and multi-party projects to large scale innovation programs and ecosystems. At Spinverse, Kaisu has been working with innovative customers who are leading the way towards new sustainable bio-economy and circular economy business. With the new Director role, Kaisu will continue to lead and grow her team of bioeconomy experts and head the services for old and new customers in the field. Kaisu says: ”I’m so excited to take on an even bigger role in helping the industry in its growth and renewal. I also have the pleasure of doing that with brilliant people both outside and within our company.”

Andreas Lindberg from Kaisu’s bioeconomy team is promoted as Project Manager. With two years at Spinverse under his belt, Andreas is specialised on running projects related to bioeconomy, circular economy and renewable energy. When we asked Andreas about his favourite projects, he said there are simply too many to mention - from working with European SME companies on the most cutting edge new innovations to collaborating with large multinational companies on a multitude of ecosystem projects and innovation initiatives, the range of projects at Spinverse is simply a true a source of inspiration on a daily basis. In addition to the memorable projects, Andreas would like to mention his +50 colleagues at Spinverse as the true strength of the company and a constant source of inspiration. He says: “Collaborating with my Spinverse colleagues every day, even remotely during 2020, has been and always will be a true joy!”

Also reporting to Kaisu, Miisa Salmela joined Spinverse as an Analyst, but has already proven her skills in complex projects and is promoted as Consultant. When she first started a year ago, Miisa supported her colleagues in various projects and at the same time, collected valuable tips and knowledge from her experienced peers, quickly learning the ropes. As a consultant she will be taking on more responsibility in customer projects. A University of Jyväskylä graduate with degree on Corporate Environmental Management, Miisa’s special focus is on circular economy and she is passionate about new innovative products with which she gets to work first-hand at Spinverse.

As of September, Jani Adolfsson-Tallqvist can call himself an Innovation Consultant in the Manufacturing and Energy team, reporting to Timo Ropponen. Jani started in 2017 and in his customer projects, he has gained hands-on experience and leadership from projects related to new sustainable business development and open innovations in e.g. the battery, mining, petrochemical, energy industry and the circular economy field.

New colleagues

The latest addition to the Spinverse family is Jani Peurakoski, who joined the Sustainable Industries team in mid-August as a Senior Consultant, reporting to Risto Savolainen. Jani brings with him expertise on investment banking, finance and lending processes in various industry sectors, ranging from food production, mining, wind energy and biofuels.

This is not all! We have just completed our latest recruitment round and expect to onboard a number of new colleagues in the coming months. Stay tuned to meet our new experts!