Celebrating success: promotion news

Spinverse want to acknowledge some of our hardworking colleagues with promotions. In this round, we are celebrating Erika, Germain, Sonja, Virpi and Pentti. 

In photo from left to right: Germain, Sonja, Virpi, Erika and Pentti.

Energy and Manufacturing team

Director Timo Ropponen, who leads the Energy and Manufacturing team says the following of his promoted team members:

Erika Forstén is promoted to Project Manager. Erika has gained good skills and experience in a wide variety of projects in Spinverse, delivering the expected tasks very well. Erika is very proactive in finding new ways of working and identifying what is needed to achieve the desired results.

Germain Courtois is promoted to Consultant. He has shown his versatility in customer projects of different types and sizes and is a fast learner who gets his tasks done. Germain is strong at working at customer interface and analysing complex customer networks and ecosystems.

Sonja Auvinen is promoted to Project Manager. She is a proactive and efficient professional, who is at ease with complex projects. She is a very good communicator and well-organised in project management.

ICT and Electronics team

Director Pirjo Pasanen, who leads the ICT and Electronics team says the following of her promoted team members:

Virpi Martikainen is promoted to Consultant. She has been an outstanding contributor to various projects across many industries and a wide range of technologies. She has been an essential team member on complex consortia we have built over the last year and her skills have also been much in demand across other teams as well. Virpi’s commitment to customer success and her can-do-attitude to balancing complex activities is an inspiration to all!

Pentti Launonen is to be congratulated on his promotion to Senior Project Manager. Pentti’s dedication to developing new business activities and customer success is underpinned by his energy and expertise in a wide range of ecosystem and consortium-building experience. His approach to supporting tough deadlines is in demand across all Spinverse units.

Congratulations everyone!