Brains, heart, and grit: Spinverse welcomes a powerhouse trio!

They're not just brains, but the heart and soul - meet Mikko, Karl, and Juho. These three are ready to take on the industry's pulse with wit and ease. Their stories, infused with a relentless spirit, will paint the canvas of Spinverse's tomorrow. Get ready for a groundbreaking journey!

Mikko-Tiira-2Mikko Tiira, with an M.Sc. in Biology (Animal Ecology), has joined the Bioeconomy team as a Senior Consultant, reporting to Kaisu Leppänen. Specializing in LIFE funding, Mikko brings a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in environmental projects. His versatile roles include working at WWF Finland, Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, serving as a self-employed LIFE monitoring expert for the European Commission, and consulting on biodiversity and strategic LIFE projects both in Finland and abroad. He’s also a whiz at facilitating workshops. Outside work, Mikko is a choir enthusiast and a family man who loves cooking and forest adventures with his dogs.

Karl-Norrman2Karl Norrman, M.Sc. (International Management), joined us as a Trainee in the Manufacturing team, reporting to Timo Ropponen. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in international management with a specialization in Strategy and International Business at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon. Karl has a background in sales and project management. When he is not working or studying, Karl has a fervent passion for travelling, be it skiing in the Alps or lounging on a beach, he is always ready for a new adventure.

Juho-OllanketoJuho Ollanketo, B.Sc. (Information and Service Management), has joined the ICT team led by Mikko J. Salminen as an ICT Trainee. His responsibilities encompass system administration, database management, data analysis, and reporting. Currently sharpening his skills at Aalto University, Juho is our go-to guy for blending tech savvy with business know-how. His stint at Swappie, a high-flying Finnish startup, saw him play an important role in supply chain management. Beyond work, Juho loves cooking for friends, going on long-distance cycling trips, and is an avid cinema enthusiast.

We're super excited to have Mikko, Karl, and Juho join the Spinverse family. Let's get ready for a fun ride full of great moments and big wins together. Welcome abroad, awesome trio!