Behind every great customer experience lies a strong company culture

When we think of a company's culture, we often think of the internal practices and values that shape the behaviour of employees. However, a company's culture goes way beyond internal interactions. It extends to the way the company interacts with its customers and the experience that customers have when they engage with the company.

As a Head of People and Culture at Spinverse, I find it essential to reflect how our company culture influences the customer experience. As the foundation of our values, beliefs, and behaviors, our culture guides us in every aspect of our day-to-day operations, serving as the driving force behind our mission and commitment to solving global challenges. By examining the ways in which our culture manifests in our interactions with customers, we gain valuable insights into how we can continuously improve and better align our efforts with our vision.

What elements our customers find important in collaboration with Spinverse.

We work on a daily basis with many customers across different industries across the EU and associated countries. We seek to build strong open relationships with our customers to facilitate the critical dialogue needed to succeed in our business. Customers’ direct feedback during our projects allows us to solve any issues that may come up during construction of complex consortia, as an example. As we operate with a flat hierarchical structure, we can promptly respond to emerging issues, preventing them from impacting our ability to meet deadlines.

For us it is also a high priority to ask for customer feedback after completing each project to help us reflect on the quality of our work. Based on our most recent feedback, here are three key areas that our customers find important when collaborating with us.

Expertise and knowledge

Team's expertise and knowledge, in areas such as project management, funding applications, ecosystem management, and innovation is recognized as a strong contribution to the success of projects. The team is described as supportive, helpful, and professional, with a clear focus on producing high-quality proposals and project outputs.

Communication and collaboration

Another theme emerging from the feedback is communication and collaboration skills, including the team’s ability to facilitate workshops, share information, and build relationships with partners and stakeholders. The comments emphasize the significance of teamwork, good coordination, and excellent facilitation skills to manage large consortia and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

Organization and efficiency

Structured and organized way of working is being valued, as well as an ability to manage a large consortium of partners. The team is recognized for their ability to navigate the rules and regulations of different funding tools.

We are so grateful to our customers who took part in the customer satisfaction surveys and shared their valuable feedback. It is truly encouraging to see that the qualities that we have intentionally cultivated in our company culture have been recognized as the key strengths of our collaboration. We are proud of the culture that we have today and look forward to embracing and building on these strengths together with our people, our customers, and our partners.

By Dijana Soininen, Head of People and Culture at Spinverse

The source of this blog are the customer satisfaction surveys conducted during 2022-2023, (567 responses).