The next funding call for transport infrastructure projects opens soon

The next round of funding calls for Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport will open in the end of September 2023. This major funding programme focused on large-scale infrastructure investments offers numerous opportunities for public and private entities alike with a funding rate ranging between 30-50%. Spinverse is happy to help you identify the best ideas for your project proposal and to turn them into action.

CEF Transport is an EU funding instrument focusing on studies and works that build, modernise and complete the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T), which in Finland includes numerous airports and harbours as well as extensive road and rail infrastructure. The instrument is well suited for infrastructure projects that support cross-border collaboration with European impact. For instance, improvement of railway connections or development ports infrastructures, as well as digitalisation of services or decreasing emissions, are well in line with CEF objectives. Both public and private entities are eligible for CEF funding.

Previously the CEF Transport programme has supported, for example, construction on railways to promote operational reliability and competitiveness of freight, improvement of winter maritime transport as well as interoperability of electronic freight transport information and adoption of maritime information system. Infrastructure investments, studies and digitalised smart solutions are at the core of the activities.

The soon published open call text will further specify the eligible locations and activities, the schedule for the submission of applications and other important details of the funding process. CEF Transport applications, with one or several applying partners, go through a national approval process before the final submission to the European Commission. The co-funding rate in the CEF transport projects is usually set to 30-50% depending on the type of activities.

Project in mind? Spinverse can help!

If you are interested in the opportunities provided by CEF transport instrument and the opening of the funding call this autumn, Spinverse is here to help. We offer consultation on the funding terms and can assist in turning your idea into a successful CEF Transport project.

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