The calls for small-scale Innovation Fund have just been launched

Is your company on a mission to reduce carbon emissions to fight climate change? To become climate neutral by 2050, Europe has to take drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To support this ambitious goal, European Commission has launched an Innovation Fund programme to fund both large-scale and small-scale projects that demonstrate low-carbon technologies. Read on to find out if your SME company or a consortium you are part of is eligible to have your fair share of the 10 B€ available through this massive funding programme over the period of 2020-2030 — the next small-scale call has just been launched! 


The second call for small-scale projects was launched on 31 March 2022 with an expected budget of 100 M€. We hope you already have your preparations well underway! Here are the important dates for the second small-scale Innovation Fund call: 

Activity Timing
Launch of the second small-scale call 31 Mar 2022
Deadline for submitting the applications 31 August 2022
Information on the evaluation results  Q1 2023


The Innovation Fund is one of the largest European programmes to fund demonstrations of innovative CO2-reducing technologies or low-carbon technologies. The project scope can be related to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), low-carbon technologies or processes in energy intensive industries, renewable energy generation and energy storage. Up to 60% of the CAPEX/operational costs of a project can receive funding.

For whom?

The small-scale Innovation Fund invests in truly innovative demonstration projects that last 3 to 10 years. The project must demonstrate first-of-its kind low-carbon technologies that are not available in the market as of yet. For eligible small-scale projects, the total size can be between 2.5 and 7.5 M€. The eligible organisation can be an individual company or a group of multinational entities collaborating together for a common goal of GHG avoidance and sustainability.

Statistics on the previous small-scale Innovation Fund calls

As all public funding calls, also the small-scale Innovation Fund calls are highly competitive and require a carefully prepared and thought-out project proposal. Here are some facts and figures: 

Spinverse News Innovation Fund statistics

How to learn more about small-scale Innovation Fund?

If you want to learn more about the small-scale Innovation Fund, feel free to view the recording on our Innovation Fund webinar we held in December 2021.

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