Submit your idea to the Fingrid Radio Frequency Interference monitoring challenge

Lue haasteesta suomeksi Fingridin sivuilla!

Does your company have a brilliant idea or solution that you would like to pilot with Fingrid? Do you want new business opportunities and world-class expertise to help you commercialise your ideas? Fingrid, in collaboration with Spinverse, are announcing a partner search for companies ready for quick and open collaboration.

Fingrid's cost-efficiency and network reliability are among the best in the industry according to international benchmarking. The goal is to be an international forerunner and therefore we are continuously developing our operations - now also through partner search.

We are now looking for cost-effective solutions for identifying faulty equipment at electrical substations by continuous radio frequency interference (RFI) measurement.

Maintenance is in the transition towards a condition- and risk-based maintenance model. The transformation seeks to ensure a high level of operational reliability, more efficient usability of the power grid, and optimal allocation of maintenance work. We want an enhanced knowledge and access to the condition of the hardware. The change requires new measurement methods and practices that we are now looking for.

What kinds of ideas do we seek?

  • The solution does not have to be directly usable, but it must be pilotable within 6-12 months.
  • Finished and commercialised solutions are also welcome.
  • Proposals should be related to measurement technology using low-cost wireless sensors for continuous RFI monitoring (due to partial discharge).
  • The future partner must be ready for fast, innovative, and open collaboration with Fingrid.
  • We are be happy to accept also out-of-the-box suggestions!

What do we offer?

  • The ability to further develop the solution in a real operating environment with Fingrid.
  • World-class expertise in the development of condition monitoring for substation equipment.
  • Opportunity for new customers both in Finland and internationally.
  • Depending on the pilot project, there is an opportunity for development financing of between 10,000 and 30,000.
  • After the pilot phase, a chance for a more concrete implementation project and a long-term partnership with Fingrid for successful solutions.
  • An excellent international reference (publications and scientific articles are also possible).
  • Successful previous races have been published for example in Tekniikka & Talous magazine:

We hope to have a clear description of the ideas, which explain their usability and feasibility for Fingrid.

Based on the idea descriptions, we select up to 8 actors with whom project ideas will be further developed in cooperation with people from Fingrid. Partner search culminates in company presentations, based on which, Fingrid chooses partners for the follow-up project.

How to apply?

Please submit your application by 20.9.2019 using this submission form.

The criteria for evaluating the application are the feasibility of the solution, the degree of readiness of the technology and the credibility of the applicant, such as references, know-how, and the ability for fast-paced development work.


  1. Submission of proposals 13.8.2019 - 20.9.2019
  2. Notification of the results of the selection process to the participants by 30 September 2019
  3. Sparring selected companies, deepening and developing project ideas in collaboration with experts in October 2019
  4. The selected companies will present their idea to Fingrid in October 2019
  5. Possible development project with selected companies from November 2019 onwards

Further information:

Juha Riikonen, Senior Consultant, Spinverse
+358 50 566 9686,

Tuomas Laitinen, Project manager, Grid Management, Fingrid Oyj
+358 40 519 5085,

Additional material:

Background material with more detailed description of the project.

Read also Fingrids post on condition monitoring challenge (in Finnish).