Spinverse moved to Keilasatama 5, Espoo

We are very excited to announce our headquarter's move to Keilaniemi, Espoo, where our innovative funding experts will get an inspiring and bespoke working space. The new address is valid from 1st March, 2021 onwards. We also updated our website to correspond to our new visual look.

When Spinverse founder and Chairman Pekka Koponen set up his office back in the days in 2004 at Otaniemi, the 12 m2 office space was efficiently occupied by Pekka himself and one subcontractor. Year by year, the company has grown and upgrades to larger spaces have become a regular occurrence.

Fast forward 17 years. Spinverse has now grown up and it has become necessary to find bigger premises in a more central location. After a lot of searching, Spinverse has chosen to call Keilasatama 5 in Keilaniemi, Espoo, their new home. It boasts 15 minutes by public transport to center of Helsinki and good connections to other parts of Espoo. Quite a few Spinverse customers such as Valmet, Kone, Fortum and TietoEVRY are now within walking distance from the new office.  

Bespoke and multifunctional new office space


The office space is divided into two distinctively different open space areas. The space has been customised with Spinverse employees in mind to accommodate for different working styles and situations. The staff has been able to give their feedback in the planning phase. However, acquiring an ice cream machine is not yet on the top of the list, but perhaps it will come one day. Our work requires intense concentration and silent surroundings, and this is why one open space area is dedicated for silent work, where no phones are allowed.

On the other hand, ideation, sharing ideas and collaboration is also an integral part of our work and some colleagues prefer some noise and socialising around them. Therefore, the other area is a collaborative space with combination of desks, sofa areas and tables for discussion, lunch and coffee breaks. This area is dominated by a large kitchen island to cater for get-together events and weekly information sessions such as powwows and weekly updates from our CEO Laura Koponen.

Wellbeing is an important part of Spinverse working culture. Thanks to our Open Innovation Director Mikko J. Salminen, the old Spinverse office has had a mini-gym and a nap room for a few years. The kettle bells, stretching tools and pull-up bar stand and other equipment of the mini-gym will find a bigger space in the new office. There will also be a tiny nook for power naps!

Speaking of wellbeing, quite a few colleagues have started to take small exercise breaks with the online Cuckoo workout app to avoid from sitting too long in the same position. These important reminders to take care of yourself have been well received by the employees.

When remote working is the new normal

The number of meeting rooms of different sizes is also important when most meetings take place online. We now have more meeting rooms and a studio space dedicated for recording webinars and podcasts. Keilasatama 5 building also has plenty of spacious meeting rooms on the second floor to meet with customers. When it is possible again.

Laura says: “We hope that this new office with a view of the sea offers both an inspiring and invigorating working environment for all our employees, and are looking forward to be able to come back to the office soon in larger numbers.”

However, the COVID-19 has radically changed the way we work and remote working is here to stay. In the new offices, we will not have a desk for everyone. Instead, we will continue in the current mode where everyone will need to book their desk in advance using an application called DeskMe. At the moment, the number of people in the office at the same time is strictly limited and the tool has been very useful in ensuring this.

In line with Spinverse’s strategy to hire more freelancers and funding experts irrespective of their physical location, freelancers will also be welcome to use the collaborative part the new office. Our recruitment strategy aims to hire people from all over the world with a possibility to work remotely.

New brand visuals: something old and something new

To coincide with the move to the new headquarters, also the visuals of Spinverse brand will be refreshed. The logo and its shades will remain the same: black, white and red have been Spinverse’s brand identity from the very start. Now we wanted to add some colour to complement the primary shades and these new colours will naturally be reflected in the office’s colour scheme as well as on Spinverse’s renewed website and other brand materials. 

  • Red for passion, innovation, unlimited resources and investment.
  • Black for facts, reality and profit.
  • White for clear and bright mind that lets you combine the best of Red and Black thinking for an actionable, ambitious plan
  • Blueish green and maroon symbolise sustainability, which is a central theme for Spinverse business.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Keilasatama!

We are looking forward to welcoming our customers to the new promises when times so allow. The new office interior is designed in cooperation with a Finnish interior furnishing company Isku. We are so excited to get settled in Keilaniemi!

Our office address is:

Spinverse Oy
Keilasatama 5, 4th floor
FI-02150 Espoo FINLAND

Switchboard: +358 40 7711 888


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