Spinverse Digital Industries – Generating and exciting 2024

As we in the Spinverse Digital Industries business unit train our gaze on the emerging opportunities for R&D consortia across Europe, one aspect is clear to our more than 300 clients. The pace is picking up, with forces unleashed by the overlapping utilisation of Generative AIs that are penetrating functions across corporates, SMEs, startups, universities and RTOs.

These new collaborative capabilities are helping to re-wire critical paths in projects, accelerating ideation and taking the pressure off customers in terms of resourcing deadlines.

And we see the trend set to continue into 2024, as new scientific and mathematical capabilities are added to the already considerable arsenal of tools that LLMs (Large Language Models) bring to the table. Old assumptions, circa 2022, on how things were traditionally done, continue to be challenged by teams augmenting themselves with cutting-edge AI skills and tools.

This will mean that individual commercial and research organisations, as well as consortia teams, will be able to delve much faster into exciting new worlds of material and molecular research, as well as simulation capabilities. If we can simulate things faster, cheaper, and with a higher degree of accuracy, then all of this bodes well for the EU’s research and commercialisation drive, especially as we welcome the UK back to the Horizon Europe programme.

Across the Spinverse Digital Industries team, we keep our fingers on the pulse of Generative AI across all industries through our own considerable expertise. The expertise is fueled by the daily work that we engage in with our European clients, both in developing new consortia, as well as running the projects that have already been funded.

No one has a monopoly on R&D resources and capabilities across Europe. Our European researchers, scientists and business teams are distributed across a wide array of commercial and research organisations. By collectively embracing Generative AI, both in the acceleration of research and the exploitation of results into the business and public realm, we can set the stage for an exciting 2024 filled with rich discovery and progress across the continent.

Written by Patrick Halford, VP, Digital Industries, Spinverse

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