Podcast: Spinverse Founder and Chairman Pekka Koponen's take on NextGenerationEU

Jaakko Tapaninen of Hybrid Times podcast invited Pekka Koponen to shed some light on the growth, partnership and internationalization opportunities on offer to Finnish companies through the  massive funding programmes under the NextGenerationEU. In the podcast, Jaakko and Pekka discuss what kind of future will be built with the hundreds of billions of euros for a more sustainable, digital and stronger Europe and how Finnish companies can be part of that growth. 

Pekka Koponen says: "In this largest funding scheme ever, there is an abundance of opportunities for Finnish companies to create partnerships with national and European players, showcase their expertise on digitalisation, sustainability and other areas. This is the time to act and find out what is out there."

Happy listening (in Finnish)! 

Listen to the podcast here