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Platform of Trust: 5 million euros for a digital platform innovation for  construction and real estate business

Dec 5, 2018 1:35:05 PM


Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy was selected as one of the five Growth Engines in a competitive bidding by Business Finland. Spinverse assisted the company win 5 million euros as capital loan for the development of a data platform for the construction and real estate business. Growth engine status is granted for platform companies capable of building business worth more than 1 BEUR.

Business Finland has granted nearly 30 million euros worth of capital loan to promising business ecosystems as a part of their Growth Engine funding. Suomen Tilaajavastuu’s data platform, Platform of Trust, is one of the winning bidders with its share of 5 million euros.

Digitalisation will help to transform the Finnish real estate and construction business into a world-class innovation hub of built environments, and the Platform of Trust plays a central role here: it brings reliability around the data, enables users to share it efficiently and safely and to create new business models around the data within the ecosystem.

’We aim to use the Platform of Trust to turn Finland into the best ever laboratory for digital service innovations related to built environments,” Lars Albäck, CEO for Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy describes.

The platform is currently undergoing development in pilot projects, and it will be introduced to the market during 2019.

“It has been great to participate in developing such a unique, first-of-a-kind application,”says Laura Koponen, Managing Director for Spinverse.

Spinverse helped Suomen Tilaajavastuu in the competitive bidding process as well as in preparing the project plan.

“We were all sailing in uncharted waters, because it was Business Finland’s first Growth Engine competitive bidding,” Albäck says. “Spinverse’s solid experience in project building helped us decisively to succeed in the competition.”

Suomen Tilaajavastuu’s Growth Engine project aims to improve built environments with reliable data and to boost exports within the platform economy industry by as much as EUR 1.3 billion by 2023. Growth Engines are partly funded by Business Finland, and they aim to create new business ecosystems and growth in Finland by means of a partnership model that combines companies, research organizations, and actors in the public sector.

For further information, please contact:
Suomen Tilaajavastuu, CEO Lars Albäck ,, tel. +358 40 503 3672
Spinverse, Managing Director Laura Koponen,, tel. +358 40 350 0898

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