LuxTurrim5G awarded in Traficom 5G Innovation Competition

LuxTurrim5G ecosystem led by Spinverse and Nokia has recently gained outstanding traction by being awarded with honors in the Traficom 5G Innovation Competition. LuxTurrim5G is an intensive innovation ecosystem of 26 partners working closely together to tackle the critical challenges of urbanization through building the digital backbone for a smart city, which enables a multitude of necessary digital services.

The future challenges for cities are related to safety, energy efficiency and air quality, effectiveness of transportation and general quality of living. Digitalisation is seen as an opportunity to overcome these demands, and the solution by the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem is to build a digital backbone for a smart and sustainable city. The ecosystem of 26 key partners aims at providing 5G with fast connectivity and high capacity that enable a host of new digital services, bringing in the much-needed novel infrastructure and a truly digital ecosystem.

See the video to hear more what Juha Salmelin and Tommi Uitto from Nokia, Jukka Mäkelä from City of Espoo and Markku Heino from Spinverse say about the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem:

The 5G Innovation Competition organized by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom was set to identify 5G innovators and value-adding products or services. Traficom selected the Port Oulu Smart digitalisation project as the winner, whilst awarding the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem with honors for enhancing 5G visibility nationally and internationally and for demonstrating remarkable creativity in the 5G development.

Juha Salmelin, LuxTurrim5G ecosystem leader from Nokia explains that the 5G smart poles, data platform and data marketplace enabled by the development efforts of the ecosystem will provide for the new digital services required by the cities in the future.

In the video, LuxTurrim5G ecosystem coordinator Dr. Markku Heino from Spinverse highlights LuxTurrim5G as an intensive joint development activity that brings key experts from Finnish hi-tech companies and top-notch research groups to work together with cities and public authorities towards the common goals. The pilot, where 5G smart poles and a fully autonomous and electric shuttle bus have been tested in real-life conditions, has been running in the vicinity of the Nokia campus in Espoo. In May, this pilot environment is expanding with a route of 15 smart poles from Nokia Campus to Kera railway station. After piloting in Espoo, preparations are already progressing to scale up to global markets.

Spinverse coordinates the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem efforts, currently divided in two large project entities, with a team of three seasoned experts. Dr. Markku Heino as the responsible Ecosystem leader, and the two projects have dedicated project managers: Dr. Pekka Torvinen for the Neutral Host Pilot project and Project Director Joni Turunen for the LuxTurrim5G+.


Partners: Nokia Bell Labs, Premix, Teleste, Vaisala, Indagon, Rumble Tools, Orbis, Tehomet, Destia, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Aalto University, Tampere University

Neutral Host Pilot

Partners: Nokia, Sitowise, Caruna, Vaisala, A-Insinöörit, Link Design & Development, Vediafi, Agora Networks, Sensible 4, City of Espoo, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Aalto University, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), University of Helsinki