Latest news about Horizon Europe and other growth opportunities beyond 2020

Horizon Europe, the EU’s next framework programme for research and innovation, is approaching fast after the policymakers are returning from their August holidays. The work has already commenced in Brussels — next steps are being taken to finalise the Horizon Europe programme. We are sharing here our insight into how Horizon Europe evolves at the moment and how some other interesting funding opportunities, such as the new New Generation EU, await innovative and sustainable industries.

In the coming weeks, the European Parliament and Council will engage in intense negotiations to reach a final agreement on EU’s long-term budget and the final tweaks are currently being negotiated to finalise the massive European budget. This opens up the way to also complete sector-specific programmes such as Horizon Europe.

Keeping eyes open for the European priorities

Because the first Work Programme of Horizon Europe is currently being defined, this is the best time to get to know what the European priorities are and what will be funded in the coming years. As one engagement tool, Among other topics, the European Research and Innovation Days (22-24 Sep) will gather stakeholders from all over Europe to provide their views for the finalization of Horizon Europe. At the moment, public consultation for stakeholders is also open to gather input on the content of the Horizon Europe.

Based on the current information, the budget of the Horizon Europe is 80,9 B€ and focus on the finalisation of the programme is turning more towards the internal division of the budget. The programme will be the key component ensuring Europe’s technological sovereignty and competitiveness in the future.

Next Generation EU for efforts to recover, repair and emerge stronger from the crisis

In addition to Horizon Europe, now is the time to look into the Next Generation EU, the recovery fund with billions of euros of financial firepower helping Europe to overcome the grand economic crisis caused by Covid-19. The recovery fund offers opportunities for societal and industrial green and digital transformation. The recovery funds are implemented by EU Member States and now is the perfect time to try and understand what kind of possibilities there are for innovative and sustainable companies through the recovery funding. The parts of the Next Generation EU will be decided through separate regulations.

The budget of the Recovery and Resilience Facility is estimated to be about 672 B€ of which there are approx. 360 B€ in loans and 312 B€ in grants. Also financed under the Next Generation EU, there is Just Transition Fund with budget of 10 B€.

Green Deal calls for sustainable industries

The final calls from the EU’s current budget period are taking place soon. The inspiration for the calls is drawn from the European Green Deal that is fostering Europe to a just and sustainable green transition. One B€ has been reserved for topics related to Green Deal and the deadline for submitting proposals is on the 26th Jan, 2021.

Are you interested in growth and European collaboration for your company?

This was just a quick snapshot of the many funding and growth opportunities offered by Europe to industries, ecosystems and individual companies to boost the strategic targets for a better and stronger Europe. 

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