Industriklivet – An underutilized funding opportunity in Swedish industry

Spinverse works intensively to support its Swedish customers in applying for funding from the Swedish Energy Agency's Industriklivet, a national financing programme launched by the Swedish government. The support is based on 20 years of experience in proposal work and includes an experience-based, efficient and well-structured process covering all relevant aspects of the proposal scope. Spinverse experts offer the Industriklivet proposal support as a separate assignment or a step in the execution of a grant funding roadmap covering national as well as international (EU) grant funding opportunities. 

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The programme, which strengthens the position of Swedish industry by promoting innovation, sustainability and competitiveness, is an important part of Sweden's overall sustainability initiative to both meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that the green transition entails. 

Sweden's industrial sector faces a number of complex challenges. To maintain and strengthen competitiveness, investments in innovation and sustainability are needed and Industriklivet aims to create a platform for companies and organizations to develop and implement new technologies, processes and business models that can contribute to a more sustainable and competitive industry. 

Industriklivet focuses on a number of priority areas and themes that are considered to be particularly important for the future of Swedish industry: 

  • Sustainability: Promoting sustainable development in industry. This includes reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and promoting the circular economy.
  • Digitalisation: Industriklivet supports projects that promote the use of advanced digital technologies that are crucial for increasing efficiency and competitiveness in industry.
  • Research and Development: The programme promotes investments in research and development, including collaborations between academia and companies to increase innovation.
  • Competence development: Industriklivet supports projects that focus on education and skills development for the Swedish workforce to be ready for the industry of the future.
  • International competitiveness: The programme helps Swedish companies to develop their international business opportunities and strengthen their competitiveness in the global market.

During its first years, Industriklivet has financed a number of projects and initiatives in various sectors, such as the development of new materials and technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing industry, the promotion of the transition to electrified vehicles and charging infrastructure in the automotive sector, and investments in research facilities and collaborative projects aimed at accelerating technological development.

Industriklivet has been allocated significant financial resources from the Swedish government to encourage companies to take risks and invest in long-term development.

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