IMOCO4.E project consortium develops edge-to-cloud intelligence for robots and cyber-physical systems with daily administrative support from Spinverse

Intelligent Motion Control under Industry 4.E (IMOCO4.E) is an extensive 31 M€ pan-European project partially funded by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (currently known as KDT Joint Undertaking) and national funding agencies. The three-year project will help shape the future of Industry 4.0 manufacturing in Europe, aiming to perceive and control complex machines and projects. Spinverse is part of the Project Coordination Office in this large-scale project.  

Mechatronic systems in the manufacturing industry face ever-increasing requirements on long-term energy efficiency, size, motion speed, precision, adaptability, self-diagnostics, secure connectivity or new human-cognitive features. The newly launched three-year IMOCO4.E project aims to push mechatronic systems to their limits, make them smarter and more configurable. This will be achieved by combining and exploiting novel sensory information, model-based approaches, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Industrial Internet-of-Things philosophies. In this context, the IMOCO4.E project funded by the EU and national authorities from 13 countries will provide vertically distributed edge-to-cloud intelligence for machines, robots, and other human-in-the-loop automation systems.  

Bringing together 46 partners from 13 countries, the project with a total budget of 31 M€ will deliver a reference architecture that will be verified in applications for semiconductors, packaging, industrial robotics, and healthcare. The two main pillars of the project are digital twins and AI principles (machine/deep learning). The consortium consists of research and technology organizations (RTOs) and private companies of different sizes and industry areas throughout Europe. 

IMOCO4.E strives to deliver a reference platform consisting of AI and digital twin toolchains and a set of mating building blocks for resilient manufacturing applications. The optimal energy efficient performance and easy (re)configurability, traceability and cyber-security are crucial. The project outputs aim to make an impact to the entire value chain of the production automation and application markets. 

Spinverse experts carry out coordinating and administrative project tasks to enable the partners to focus on the technical goals. 

This extensive pan-European consortium is coordinated by Sioux Technologies from the Netherlands. The Project Coordinator Arend-Jan Beltman from Sioux Technologies sums up: “With Spinverse taking care of the daily administration of this large consortium, I can focus on coaching the partners to achieve tangible results via the building blocks and their integration as part of pilots!” 

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Project coordinator: Sioux Technologies B.V. (NL) 
Project administration: Spinverse Oy (FI)  
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This project has received funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 101007311. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Romania, Switzerland.