When is the first call? Horizon Europe is taking the next steps towards its implementation

We are all waiting for more news on the progress of Horizon Europe, the next big European framework programme for research and innovation for the years 2021-2027. Here are some updates to the current situation regarding decisions and timeline of Horizon Europe and some other European funding instruments for you to be able to start the preparations for your project proposal.

At the end of September, the Council of the European Union informed that they have finalised their position on the proposed regulation establishing Horizon Europe and the proposed decision on the programme that actually implements the Horizon Europe. It is an important step towards the final adoption of Horizon Europe entering into force in the beginning of 2021.

Council’s decision concluded their position on the internal break-down of the Horizon Europe budget which includes also the funds allocated to the programme from EU recovery system called the Next Generation EU (NGEU) and provisions regarding international cooperation and synergies with other EU funding programmes.

Next, the European Council will turn to the European Parliament for finalising negotiations, with the target of swift adoption of the Horizon Europe package by the end of 2020.

Horizon Europe Work Programme contains the first calls

Horizon Europe’s Work Programme parts have been drafted in the past months and this work continues during the autumn. The Work Programme contains the first calls that are open in 2021 and 2022. After the EU institutions have finished their negotiations of Horizon Europe and after the institutions have agreed on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the NGEU, the institutions can finally approve Horizon Europe. Without any further delays in negotiations, we can expect the approvals to happen later this year.

There are already some indicative timelines of the first Work Programme of Horizon Europe that will give you ideas on how the first calls are being scheduled and how you should start your preparations for your project proposal. The schedule enables the Commission to finalise the first Work Programme of Horizon Europe for 2021-2022 before the end of February 2021. This means that the Work Programme may be formally adopted in early March 2021 and the first call can be expected thereafter. With the indicative schedule, we can expect the first deadlines to be in early summer 2021.

European Partnerships to increase the impact of European R&I

One key part of the Horizon Europe programme are the European Partnerships. They are expected to increase the impact of European research and innovation. The partnerships, both public-public and public-private, ensure coherence of R&I actions between European funding, national funding and private needs. In Horizon 2020, there were over 120 partnerships. The “rationalisation of partnership landscape” has seen the number of partnerships go down to 49 proposed for Horizon Europe. The partnerships include many interesting topics for industry to participate, such as Key Digital Technologies, Circular Bio-Based Europe, Batteries and Hydrogen.

Billion euros for sustainable transition

The final call from the current European R&I programme Horizon 2020 is still open. The European Green Deal Call distributes 1 billion euros for research and innovation projects that accelerate Europe’s just and sustainable transition towards a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. Call topics include, among others, clean energy, industry for clean and circular economy and sustainable and smart mobility. With the deadline of 26th January 2021, there is still time to for you to apply for the funding.

Deploying new low-carbon technologies? Remember the EU Innovation Fund!

Projects need funding also in the deployment of new technologies. EU’s Innovation Fund is one of the largest funds in the world to support the demonstration of low-carbon technologies enabling transition towards greener economy. The fund focuses on highly innovative technologies and big flagship projects with European added value that can bring on significant emission reductions. 

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