Horizon Europe boosts the competitiveness of European industries

While waiting for European Commission to publish more details on their ambitious Horizon Europe programme, we would like to share some of the benefits your company would be able to reap by a successful proposal for funding through the programme. As Horizon Europe progresses, we can support you to stay up to speed with the latest developments by offering you a new service.

Horizon Europe will be launched in early 2021 and extends until year 2027. It is the European Commission's proposal for a massive programme worth close to 100 B€ to boost European research and innovation. The funds do not come easily to innovative European companies — submitting a winning proposal requires careful preparation and hard work. Yet, the benefits are substantial and go far beyond money.

Benefits for the companies that will secure funding from Horizon Europe

  • Boosting competitiveness: Horizon Europe aims to fund eligible European industries so that they will be able to go ahead with the digital and green transformation required to boost the European competitiveness in the global markets.
  • De-risking your innovation projects: Horizon Europe grants can help your company to cover large parts of your project’s R&D investments.
  • Better chances to network within EU single markets: Working and collaborating in European level is an opportunity to meet and network with close industries and get first-hand knowledge of the trends that shape your business.
  • Opportunity to scale up new innovations through EU funding: Horizon Europe has a wide variety of themes that tackle the current challenges related to health, climate, energy, bioeconomy, natural resources and environment, to mention a few central themes within Pillar 2 of the programme.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and network with top research institutions and researchers in Europe: Horizon Europe fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration with top researchers and institutions, as well as the building of pan-European innovation ecosystems.

Now is the time to plan which of your projects could get public funding!

Risto Savolainen, Vice President for Sustainable Industries at Spinverse says: ”Spinverse is well positioned to serve its customers with the forthcoming new programmes and instruments. While there will be many changes to the instruments as such, the principles and practices of EU funding will remain largely the same. Thus, even if we are making considerable investments into mastering the new funding instruments, expertise of our team will continue to be as relevant as before.”

With Horizon Europe, there is more budget for research and innovation than ever before, but the competition is also harder than ever. To help our customers, we have created a service to get the most out of the Horizon Europe funding package. Our Horizon Europe - What’s in it for me? service will offer you the following:

  • Monthly information package with a 1-hour session on the progress of Horizon Europe
  • Support in identifying the right innovation projects eligible for public funding in your company
  • Support in identifying the right funding instrument for your project

Our service will help you to be among the first to know about the progress of Horizon Europe so that you can initiate your project at an early stage for the best advantage in your preparations for a winning funding proposal.

Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation session to find out if your company has the potential for new growth with Horizon Europe!

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