European expertise of Spinverse Digital Industries

Sensors (electronics), robots and AI permeate every aspect of customer consortia activities within Spinverse’s Digital Industries business unit. From southern Europe to the far north; from the Atlantic, across to Eastern Europe, the partnerships we bring together include corporates, SMEs, startups, RTOs and universities, combined with hospitals and other public service entities. Together, we solve really complex challenges.

The challenges span all industries including healthcare, agriculture, telecoms, electronics, smart cities & mobility, and defense. To meet these challenges, we rely on our deep pool of experts in each of the technological and industrial fields – we partner closely with our customers to puzzle-out the best possible solutions to meet the EU’s funding needs and accelerate R&D into the commercial or public realm.

As well as our considerable technology and industrial backgrounds, Spinverse Digital Industries has a team comprised of 15 nationalities, spanning a diverse range of backgrounds from research to project management to industrial deployments.

On a daily basis, our team is interacting with our partners to both spin-up new consortia, and support with project management of existing funded projects.

As a result, the deep trust that our customer and partners show in us by approaching us with new ideas for projects ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of business and technological insights. Understanding what is beyond the current-state-of-the-art is critical across all lines of our business. It is also a rapidly moving target, especially given how AI is unleashing speed and lowering cost on new research.

We keep our ears close to the ground and our radars on the rapidly closing horizon to ensure we can meet our customers’ expectations in building out publicly funded projects!

By Patrick Halford, VP, Digital Industries at Spinverse

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