Close to 10 B€ for new European partnerships to boost digital transition and greener Europe

The European Union has proposed to set up ten new European Partnerships with total investments of almost 10 B€ for the green and digital transition. Their goal is to accelerate the transition towards a green, climate neutral and digital Europe and increase the resilience and competitiveness of European industry. In addition to funding research initiatives, the partnerships will also fund industrial investments for pilots, demonstrations and first-of-their-kind flagships.

The European Union will mobilise almost 10 B€ in funding that the partners will match at least with an equivalent amount in investments. This combined effort is envisioned to release additional investments and create positive long-term impact on employment, the environment and society.
The European Partnerships are building on existing joint undertakings between public and private stakeholders.

CEO of Spinverse Laura Koponen says: "These partnerships offer an excellent opportunity for industries to think big and make a difference to work together for a greener, climate neutral and digital Europe."  

The partnerships with their proposed budgets from the European Commission are as follows:

  1. Global Health EDCTP3 (budget: 0.8 B€)
  2. Innovative Health Initiative (1.2 B€)
  3. Key Digital Technologies (KDT) (1.8 B€)
  4. Circular Bio-based Europe (CBE) (1 B€)
  5. Clean Hydrogen (1 B€)
  6. Clean Aviation (1.7 B€)
  7. Europe’s Rail (0.6 B€)
  8. Single European Sky AM Research 3 (0.6 B€)
  9. Smart Networks and Services (0.9 B€)
  10. European Metrology (0.3 B€)

Our public funding experts are closely following the development of these partnerships, and we will share more detailed information on those in the coming weeks and months, keeping you posted on the published calls and important deadlines for project proposals! If you are eager to find out more already, do not hesitate to contact our funding experts today.

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