Business Finland’s funding calls for sustainable projects for battery industry, green transition of SMEs and low-carbon built environments

Business Finland has recently opened several funding calls to boost the renewal and competitiveness of Finnish industries operating in the areas of sustainability. The funding, worth a total of 150 - 170 M€ in the course of 2021-2023 for sustainable innovation projects meant to accelerate sustainable growth, is a part of the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). This autumn, there are three interesting calls focused to support the EU targets of sustainable growth.

Funding for the piloting, demonstration and investment projects in the battery industry

What? The funded projects in the battery industry are aimed to support the EU-level transition to low-emission mobility. The funding call is expected to promote the piloting and investments of the battery value chain and battery material recycling in Finland. The focus is on battery materials, battery production, battery reuse and recycling.

Funding available? The funding is estimated to be up to 70 M€ in 2021 and 20 M€ in 2022.

Deadline? The project proposals must be submitted by 30.11.2021.

More information (in Finnish)

Funding to boost the green transition of small and mid-sized companies

What? This funding call is aimed at startups, SMEs and midcap companies, which create solutions to accelerate sustainable growth and carbon neutrality, and which have capabilities to expand to international markets. The funding is aimed to support new, creative research.

Funding available? Total funding to be launched is 20 M€ during 2021-2022. Business Finland will finance up to of 50% of the total costs of the SME research projects, whilst the funding for midcaps is up to 40 % of the research projects’ total costs.

Deadline? The project proposals must be submitted by 15.10.2021.
More information (in Finnish)

Funding for low-carbon built environments – innovation funding

What? This funding call applies to built environments and building projects in for example planning, production, infrastructure and energy efficiency. It aims to accelerate the implementation of low-carbon technologies, services and operation models that support the mitigation of climate change in the building sector. Business Finland will finance new, innovative research projects, which can be independently run by the applying organisation or they can be shared co-innovation projects.

Funding available? Total funding is estimated to be 32 M€ during 2021-2023.

Deadline? The project proposals for the first call must be submitted by 15.10.2021. For the 2022 funding, the deadline is 31.03.2022

More information (in Finnish)

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