Are you ready for the next Business Finland challenge competition for leading and challenger companies - the time to act is now!

Since 2020, Business Finland has run challenge competitions for leading companies that operate globally and have the ability to increase their R&D&I investments in Finland to tackle significant future challenges. The next challenge competition was just announced – do you have what it takes to join? 

The so called Veturi funding from Business Finland is 20 M€ for the leading company and 50 M€ for the ecosystem assembled by the leading company. For the second time, the competition also includes a challenger category, with 10 M€ of funding to the challenger company and 20 M€ for the ecosystem. The challenger companies aim to grow into a global player, are solving a smaller or more focused challenge or develop new businesses.

The challenge competitions offer an excellent opportunity for companies to boost topics which are strategically important for them and build new business together with a partner network. The next cut-off date for this challenge competition is on 5th September 2023. This is the time to get started if you want to catch this funding for your innovation programme!

We at Spinverse have an impressive track record in helping our customers to secure funding for their leading company projects. We are ready to share our expertise with you to increase your chances of success. 

To mention a few examples of our recent successes with customers, we proudly highlight ExpandFibre with Fortum and Metsä Group, SPIRIT with Borealis and SHAPE with Mirka. In these projects, our support extends beyond application and project planning. Our experienced teams of project managers, ecosystem and communication experts help the customers in building and leading their ecosystems and manage their project to ensure the activities are running smoothly and high-impact results are achieved. Our strength lies in the understanding of identifying the project missions and what kind of projects are funded and how to build them. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to give your project application that extra boost for success with our expertise.

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