Aalto Alumni Weekend gathered more than 1000 key experts at Aalto campus in Espoo

Aalto Alumni Weekend, the biggest alumni event of the year, welcomed all Aalto University alumni on the Otaniemi campus at the end of October 2023. Spinverse experts were active participants both as organisers and as speakers.

This year’s alumni event focused on the theme of shaping a sustainable future. Former Aalto students and other participants got together in this lively event to gain insights from industry experts and learn more about sustainable energy transition, creative business and growth, sustainable materials, smart cities, wellbeing and healthcare, cyberspace and artificial intelligence.  

Spinverse experts onboard at the event 

There may have also been other Spinverse colleagues, former or present, at this vibrant event, but Director Mikko J. Salminen from Spinverse was the chairman of the organizing committee of this massive event. Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Markku Heino was expertly chairing the Sustainable Materials session, where discussions covered five main themes, namely new bioproducts, circular economy of textiles and plastics, green construction materials as well as sustainable and responsible battery value chain. Coincidentally, a former Spinverse colleague, Jani Adolfsson-Tallqvist from Finnish Minerals Group, was also giving an interesting presentation on the battery value chain.

Veera Mustonen, our Mobility & Smart Cities team leader was chairing the Smart City session. The session started with an insightful keynote of what 6G could bring to smart cities and ended in futuristic perspectives on urban metaverse. A panel discussion focused on how smart cities and mobility solutions are planned and deployed in real life. The human perspective was brought in two personations on urban happiness, and showcasing how to engage citizens in urban planning with digital tools.

Mikko J. Salminen concludes: “This vibrant event brought together potential ecosystem players from various industries and interactive sessions gave food for thought to everybody about a sustainable future.” 

The event showcased key developments in the seven thematic areas, but also provided a forum for discussion and sharing new ideas. It is clear that the challenges we are facing regarding climate change are big and urgent, but is great to see the drive to tackle these together by the “aaltoans” with their multidisciplinary competences and partner networks.

The photo features the energetic team of organisers and speakers. Mikko J. Salminen in the middle above letter A, Markku Heino to the right from Mikko and Veera Mustonen third from right in top row.