Koulu.me highlights Finnish edtech companies for pedagogical content

To support teachers in their important educational work during the coronavirus pandemic, Spinverse launched Koulu.me portal, which showcases close to thirty Finnish edtech companies. These companies currently offer their apps free of charge to schools and other educational institutions worldwide. The campaign has been warmly welcomed by teachers who are currently struggling with many challenges in these exceptional times.

Ever since its launch on the 16th of March, when the Finnish government also informed on closing the schools, Koulu.me has attracted a lot of interest and tens of thousands of visits to the website. Spinverse has been approached by edtech companies wanting to join the portal and teachers needing support in teaching work. We have also been receiving many positive messages from all over the world through the website.

Gamified pedagogical elements are well suited for both online and onsite learning

The apps and resources available through Koulu.me offer certified and pedagogically qualified content for learning many skills. For example, the companies represented provide tools for language learning, science, design, programming, typing, math and problem solving. There are also applications and solutions to help with the practicalities of connecting with the students remotely, monitoring progress and sharing information. Resources for all age groups are well represented, as there are also apps designed for preschoolers and upper level students.

“It is extremely important to offer teachers solutions that have a solid pedagogical base. One of the biggest challenges in online learning is the number of dropouts. That is why technologies which include motivating and engaging elements really help teachers to keep students focused. In our case, the magic comes from gamification,” Riku Alkio from Seppo.io says.

The feedback we have received through the edtech companies has been positive. Thousands of teachers have already applied free licenses for applications to offer their students complementary ways of learning remotely. Many teachers have expressed their appreciation to have access free of charge, when times are challenging to say the least.

Online security comes first

Most of the applications available through Koulu.me are already in use in schools, which means that their online security has been carefully verified and certified. In other words, it is safe for both the teachers and students to use the applications.

Ida Rönnlund from Four Ferries says: “Many of us have signed a security form required by the city of Helsinki or registered in secure SSO services such as MPASS ID, where online security is top priority. This ensures that the applications are safe to use.” Each application provides information regarding online security on their GDPR page and can offer more details if requested.

Despite the difficulties the coronavirus disease outbreak has brought in our lives, it is comforting to see how many businesses have already reached out in different ways to support small businesses, elderly people and other target groups. We are glad to be part of that movement to pay it forward.